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medical waste biohazard boxes in a storage closet

Biohazard Waste Disposal
for your Practice

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Biohazard Red-Bag, Needles Waste Disposal


Ambulance, life flight, hospitals, clinics, and doctors can all benefit from low-cost medical waste disposal.
EMT walking to a helicopter housing medical waste
needles and sharps container disposal from a corporate office
We provide medical waste pickup from your clinic or corporate office for biohazard disposal,  provide a TCEQ manifest, and bloodborne pathogens compliance training.

Our Focus Areas


Hello Dentists. We pickup your red-bag biohazard waste and sharps containers and provide your dental practice and/or lab with a TCEQ Waste Manifest. We give you access to our compliance portal that includes a training dashboard and archived copies of the manifest.

Dentist and Dental Lab Waste


doctors, nurses, and technicians in a clinic

We will pick up your sharps containers full of needles from your tattoo parlor and provide a TCEQ Waste Manifest for your records by email. This is to show proper disposal and can be viewed in the compliance and training system.

Tattoo Needles Disposal


a tattoo artist uses needles that are disposed of in a sharps container

Our company will pickup your funeral laundry, red-bag medical waste, and biohazard sharps for disposal. You are able to access our compliance system to see your history of manifests, as well as, for bloodborne pathogens training.

Funeral Home Medical Waste


medical waste stored in a attic area of a dentist

Biohazard-Related Services

10 gallon sharps and needles container on tile

Corporate Office Sharps Containers Replacement and Disposal


medical waste boxes stacked on top of each other when filled


TCEQ Biohazard Box for Disposal

bulk biohazard red-bag medical waste bags on a pallet

Bulk Biohazard Medical Waste Disposal


trauma scene cleanup technician capturing medical waste from a decomposition

Professional Death Cleaning Services


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